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"Uwah!?" was all Major managed to utter as Flamsteed just sort of charmed all these rocks to fly all over the place.

He had NO time to prepare himself for this kind of exercise, and of course Major ALWAYS readies himself each morning before work with stretches and meditation.

So it was to his surprise when a couple of these plush boulders bounded right toward him. One of them shooting right into his but and knocking him back a bit. He managed to keep up but then another one hit him in the back and Major somersaulted forward back onto his feet or sort of. He still had one knee onto the ground. This whole place had awful footing there was no balance in here at all.

He tried to keep his eyes on a few of the rocks but there was no pattern to their movements. he ducked out of the way of one as another pelted him in the side and knocked him onto the cushioned floor. This going to turn out to be a very bad day if he didn't get himself together.

Major righted himself back onto his feet and took a deep breath in before exhaling it right back out. And then WHACK! He landed a chop right at one of the soft rocks which was coming toward his blind spot. He felt his hand sink in as the rock morphed around it then shot back in the opposite direction.

Okay, Sifu Zhu you're gonna show these Soft Rocks who's boss.
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