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Tina wasn't sure what to make of potions class anymore, not after that crazy door maze lesson! She still couldn't say she approved of the boils, but she wasn't angry about it anymore. Learning the reason behind it had helped, and she had to respect Professor Noble for answering her question about it instead of punishing her for asking. Just because she wasn't angry didn't mean she was going to let her guard down, though!

Tina was prepared for surprises this time, but she had all her materials with her, just in case the information on the class notice wasn't a misdirect. As she approached the classroom, she half-expected to be met with another stone wall with a piece of parchment attached to it, but thankfully that didn't happen. The door was in its proper place, and she breathed a silent sigh of relief as she opened it and let herself inside. Her dark eyes darted around the room, noting the familiar setup. Maybe they would have a nice, normal lesson today… she hoped!

“Good day, Professor Noble,” she greeted, giving the man a polite nod. When she'd looked at him to say hello, she noticed the brightly colored balloons, the one thing in the classroom that looked out of place. She was sure they must be for the lesson - Professor Noble didn't strike her as the colorful party decorations type - but what were they for? She mulled over the possibilities as she took her seat. As long as they weren't filled with some mysterious substance that would injure them, she supposed it didn't matter.
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