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Originally Posted by RandomRaven View Post
Since the food court was still closed for investigation, Jordan mostly bring his own lunch (and coffee) to work including for today. He had known about this place because it's on the same floor as his department and he did enjoy it, this was one of the good new things happened on this floor and not to mention the idea of adopting a pet or plant was brilliant. He had been thinking to get another puppy so Big Boss could have a buddy at home but hmm... Let's see.

Grabbing his lunch box and coffee flask, the 39 year-old walked in to the cafe once the lunch break time had come. "Laurel." He smiled at the blonde woman who was just sitting alone there. "Mind if I join?"
Bringing your own lunch wasn’t something Laurel liked to do on a daily basis but as long as the food court was closed for investigation she would be forced to. This nice café though with plants and pets could become her new favourite place outside the mysteries department.

As Laurel kept reading and drinking her tea a kneazle cautiously crept closer to where she sat until it braved nuzzling up against her leg for a pet. Putting one hand in her book to not loose where she was she bended to stroke the kneazle on the head. As she straightened up Jordan walked in. Smiling up at him she "Hi Jordan! No, of course not, have a seat." She said as she gestured at the vacant seats around her. "How are things Jordan?"
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