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As the dragon moved across the crowd, the body of sparks was full of different coloured explosions that seemed friendly and fun. But in it's wake, it left a veil of light smoke across the rest of those in the park as it headed towards the target. It breathed out fire as it circled the Senior Undersecretary, hot and explicitly wanting to isolate her.

Those that were alert had recognised instantly that something was amiss in the sky when the dragon had appeared, but the flames would sure enough draw their attention to the threat at their happy and joyous celebration.

The quick thinking of the aurors worked in their favour as the real flames distorted against their shields into harmless sparks surrounding them. But this was not over yet. The dragon twisted in on itself and within seconds had separated into five separate ones. Two of them drew back, breathing fire into an x in the sky just above January. X marks the spot, it would seem. The three left sped towards the shields in an attempt to break them but the force of them rendered the fireworks useless and they shattered into sparks that fell to the floor.

With a loud roar, the two dragons left flew high into the sky and exploded in a flash of bright blood red before the sky was still and eerily silent.
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