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Originally Posted by Crayola View Post
Speaking of things Dezi knew nothing about, the rather sudden and hormonal drama involving most of his classmates. Or ... well, at least a large part of them. He didn't know and he didn't try to understand it; he was fine playing football with CÚline and trying to copy off Elise's homework. Add to that list napping. Yes, napping. If pink fluffly creatures wanted to nibble on his fingers, that was okay too. He wasn't too worried and, if anyone asked him, he'd proclaim that he was grateful he didn't have to attend any more lectures with Dopple in her overheated room with her almost dead kneazle.

But currently, he was too busy flying around in his dreams, like Superman. So content one arm even popped up and extended in front of him. Weeeeeeeeeee.

Mmmhmmmmhmmmm, flying was brilliant.

Until something (a bird? a bit of space debris?) hit him in the shoulder, anyway, and the third year woke up, rather disorientated. "Whaaa, what, what happen?" Blinking, he looked up at his classmate and frowned. "Hey ....." Something with C, something with C. "Cassandra." Nailed it. "What's up?"

She watched him curiously as he woke up and looked at her, though she scrunched her nose as he said the wrong name, "Choe" correcting him was all she could think to do for a reaction to. She just stared for a bit not even sure what to say first, so many questions.

"Why are you sleeping in the corridor, you do know it's not safe around here right now." Her eyes scanned the corridor for the cute little creatures. "You were snoring, do you always snore? You know that could be an underlining symptom of something else. I read that somewhere." Though she couldn't remember where she read it.

"Aren't you afraid of a professor finding you sleeping? What if you got in trouble?" She was all for the occasional nap, but was it worth it in the corridor?
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