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It was a few days into her new job and Layla still wasn’t sure what to think of it. It seemed to be working out well for her family; Ariadne was enjoying daycare and wasn’t crying every time her mums left her anymore and the family got to enjoy being together in the evenings and the weekends. On the other hand, it still wasn’t Layla’s scene and she couldn’t help but to feel completely out of place. It would take time she was sure of that.

Having been sat at her desk for a while and after many a conversation about the upcoming Quidditch World Cup which quite frankly Layla didn’t have a care in the world about, the former Ravenclaw took a break to stretch out her legs and find somewhere to sit that wasn’t the break room in her department or the food court which was always so loud and bustling. The Atrium wasn’t so busy this time of day and so the twenty-nine year old headed down towards the little coffee stand that was near the fountain as she had been so busy rushing around that morning that she had forgotten to eat any breakfast and her stomach was telling her so. Having a coffee was completely out of the question for she never drank the stuff but nobody would judge her if she had a small pastry just to last her until her lunch break later on in the day, would they?

Okay. Her wife would definitely judge her if she knew but thankfully for the blonde she was nowhere near.

She waited in the short queue for her breakfast not really paying attention to anything or anyone around her, her trademark straight-faced expression plastered across her face.

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