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Well done, Flamsteed. The situation had at least not become increasingly awakward from the comment - or at least he had not understood things to have escalated - so he merely offered Emilia another nod of the head and gentle sort of smile.

THANKFULLY, no more pleasantries were necessary as the Minister gave his speech - though he kept his cheers mostly to himself - and soon the fireworks display launched. A few of which he had personally doctored up himself. He really ought to have insisted that Medea come with the kids - Aries in particular would have enjoyed the display.

............but that dragon?!

"Sweet solstice," he hissed through his teeth, fumbling his pockets for his own wand.


Thankfully, one Charles Hollingberry did not need to wait nor panic at all before the display went off. Impeccable timing. OUTSTANDING. Quite pleased by the fruits of his team's labors coming in to proper fruition, the Minister offered a no-so-quiet golf clap while nodding his head. He wife had loved fireworks and he felt a tug on his heart and enough of one that made him need to pat his pockets for his handkerchief so he could dab his misty eyes.

However, BEFORE he could retrieve it Charles immediately noticed that something was amiss. Since when had they ordered for a dragon firework? Since WHEN did fireworks move TOWARDS the audience? SINCE WHEN DID FIREW----

Everything clicked in an instant and his bright blue eyes moving towards Toussaint and Shacklebolt whom, thankfully, already had their wands drawn and protective enchantments being put in place.

Olivia would be relieved that all gushing would cease here as the man dismissed himself to move swiftly closer and flourishes his own wand while casting a few silent protective enchantments himself to add to the fray.

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