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Originally Posted by Lislchen View Post
Olly was having similar thoughts to those James was having right now. They'd have to get along, what with working so closely together. Besides, so far he seemed alright. From what she'd seen. Which wasn't a whole lot, aside from the few times they'd met over the winter break to fix some things around their level in the Ministry. Hopefully he'd be as easy to work with in the future as well. They had quite a few collaborations lined up this year.

....he was earning MAJOR brownie points with Evie at the moment though.

Olly smiled at him when he addressed her daughter. "This is Evie." Say hello, Evie.

"......and this is Schuyler. My wife." She added when Schuyler joined them, leaning into her a little. It had been such a great idea to come to the park today, hadn't it? "This is James Draper, the new Creatures department head. I told you about him." Sort of. She'd surely MENTIONED him at home, yeah? If she hadn't, she trusted Schuyler NOT to bring that up.

"Did you get us food?" She was starting to get hungry.
Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
Smart kid, he (Caleb) was. They’d have a formal introduction eventually. But for now, James was trying to make his escape.

An escape that would have to wait just a liiiiiiiiiiittle bit longer now that he was stuck in the middle of the least requested reunion episode of all time. James gave Yoongi the same look as he had when they were playing the Professor-Student game. One that said ‘you always fall just short of surpassing expectations’. ”Eight years and you’re lucky I even remember you at all.” It was mean, yes. But it was a joke. For the most part. There was some sort of underlying, serious aspect. ”No, how could I ever forget you? Always a pleasure to have in class, offering… unique perspectives.” It was…. a stretch. Unique didn’t mean they were good. But at least the boy showed up. That was more than what he could say for some of his schoolmates.

Why was he surprised? Easy. ”You put down the hair cream long enough to land yourself a job at the ministry,” he wasn’t even being sarcastic or anything. He was genuinely impressed. Again, for the most part. Which was saying something, as this was Big Headedboy they were talking about here! ”Was this always your plan?” James was sure that the self-absorbed child would’ve wanted to try… modeling or something. Perhaps he just didn’t have the face for it. Or maybe he had grown. There were first times for everything!

Like exhibiting genuine kindness. Something which James didn’t often find himself leaning into. Children were different though, the young ones at least, he had a soft spot for those. They somehow managed to find a way to melt his otherwise stone-cold heart. Yes, yes. He had one. Sometimes. ”Hello Evie, you’re very well behaved. I’m sure your mother loves that,” he gave her foot another wiggle before looking up at Olly.

And…. Olly’s wife (Schuyler). Oh. This was good to know. Best to avoid any awkward interactions with loved ones, you know? This was a face James would make an extra effort to remember. ”Pleasure to meet you,” he smiled before reaching his hand out. Merlin, this was far too much socialization. How much longer until he could… LEAVE?

”How long have you been married?” he asked the couple. If he had to take a guess, he’d say no more than four years. They were still happy. No one was that happy in a marriage.

Speaking of LEAVING, the day was slowly shifting into evening and with the sun starting to set… leaving inconspicuously was becoming a real option here. James wasn’t about to prolong it any more than he had to. Taking his opportunity, he graciously excused himself and began making his way—

Bumping straight into a stranger (Ariadne) on his way out.

”My apologies…” he trailed off. She wasn’t a stranger. He knew this face.

This very attractive face, he may add. ”… I know you from somewhere…”
Originally Posted by Lislchen View Post
Olly watched James interact with Evie, an easy smile on her lips. This was a good start into their working relationship, wasn't it? It also indicated that he wouldn't have a problem with her bringing her daughter to work occasionally. That was very good to know. She had no interest in getting into an argument with him about something like that after all. Plus, she REALLY wanted to show Evie their new café on their level.

Which was about the only positive thing she could think of for that place.

In total Schuyler was spending a whole lot more time with Evie which was why Olly was kind of hogging her this afternoon. Now James had met her entire family. Had he come with anyone, too? Not that she cared but she felt like it was convenient to know these things just in case his partner ever showed up on their level. As for her and Schuyler's wedding. "Three and a half y-"


Oh no.

Olly almost handed off Evie to Schuyler and apparated home when she noticed Charles making his way over to them, looking VERY EXCITED. Seeing as she was an adult and also a rather capable and responsible department head, oh, and also a PARENT, she didn't run away from the situation but simply put on a smile really quickly when the Minister stopped in front of them.

"Minister." What a pleasure to see him. Not really. She respected him, though, and he was doing a very good job so far so obviously she didn't say anything. Also it was the MINISTER, you know. "This is Evie." Olly said instead, giving him a polite smile as she leaned in a little so he could get a better look at their daughter.

Somehow Evie was a bit of a shield, wasn't she?


.......and then there was Charles' speech.

Which, based on the time of day, could only mean one thing. Nodding for Schuyler to sit down on their picnic blanket again, she listened to the Minister talk. They weren't expected to stand up right? They had a CHILD with them after all. One who was actually quiet during the short speech. Well done, Evie. She used her daughter's hand to "cheer" for the upcoming World Cup, seeing as she was probably expected to react in some way. She also WAS genuinely excited for the Quidditch World Cup.

Olly, that is. Evie probably couldn't care less.

"Look!" Olly said to both Schuyler and Evie when the fireworks started going off, a big smile on her lips. It had been a pretty decent afternoon, hadn't it? She was glad that they'd decided to start the event earlier so they wouldn't be out too late. That way they could ALL be here, all three of them.

And yes, she was completely unaware of the fact that the "dragon" appeared to be heading for someone in particular.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Draper," Schuyler answered with a soft smile, shaking his extended hand. "Olly complains about you all the time." It wasn't true, of course, but the woman couldn't help but insert a little teasing into the conversation after her wife had made such a point of stating that she'd mentioned him. Love you, wifey.

Mr. Draper wasn't all stiff and stupid about how to act around a child, so he did get points for that. She lifted the picnic basket when Olly inquired about food. "Mhm, and quite the assortment." As she snaked her hand into the basket, she lifted her face to the vibrant fireworks exploding over their heads. It was perhaps poor timing, however, that she seemed to lower her eyes to the contents of the basket just as said dragon was beelining toward a guest.

Where were those bananas she had grabbed for Evie.....
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