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Default Term 50 Hogwarts RPG Yearbook released!


The Yearbook Staff having been working away like busy little house elves yet again and are pleased to present WITH A LEGACY ITEM: Term 50 Yearbook! That's right. 50 TERMS OF SNITCHSEEKER'S HOGWARTS SCHOOL OF WITCHCRAFT AND WIZARDRY RPG-ing! Are you a new member and are curious to see what all goes on in the School RP? Or are you are returning member who is feeling a bit nostalgic and just wants to reflect the good ol' days of the 2096-2097 school year? Whichever you are, the wait is over and just a click away

With Term 51 well underway, those busy yearbook house elves will be hard at work watching and recording everything soon enough. So, until next time!

Want to take a look at older issues? Those too are only a click away.

OH! Don't forget to hug a Yearbook house elf. They work so hard for all their membersies
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