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Originally Posted by MadlyInLoveWithMalfoy View Post
Tina was so late! She'd spent most of the night studying for her OWLs and only meant to sleep an hour or two, but eventually dozed off and didn't even hear her alarm go off. Still half asleep, the dark-haired Ravenclaw had grabbed her bag and sprinted to the astronomy classroom as fast as her legs could carry her - which, fortunately for her, was pretty fast. She leaned against the door for a few seconds, panting heavily. Thank Merlin the astronomy tower wasn't too far from Ravenclaw! Imagine if she'd had to make the trek all the way from Hufflepuff or Slytherin!

As Tina's breathing returned to normal, panic set in. She was never late to lessons, not even informal ones! Just how much trouble was she going to be in with Professor Kennedy? Just the thought of being told off in front of everyone made her shudder! She supposed the best thing to do was try to sneak in and not draw attention to herself, but before she could enter the room, he saw a couple of other students already leaving.

Had she missed the entire assignment? Oh no, oh nononononono... she needed the points from this to offset her less than perfect parks in DADA! So much for not drawing attention to herself... now she would have no choice but to ask Professor Kennedy if she could still do the assignment. Heart sinking and panic rising, Tina walked into the room with her head down to hide the blush on her cheeks. "Professor..." she said in a small voice, "Sorry I'm late...late night studying for OWLs and lost track of time." It was only then that she looked up. "Can-" Her mouth suddenly went dry; she swallowed hard and tried again. "Can I still do the assignment?"
Kalen smiled at the out of break Ravenclaw. ďYou arenít late at all Miss Dantes, and of course you can still do the assignment, Just answer the following question, make a mark on your sundial and then grab a note book.

As for your question: Who is believed to have been the inventor of the universal sundial? Ē

He smiled at her and nodded at all the students who had made their marks and left.

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