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Default Hello Lyra and Samantha!
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”I zink,” Adam said as he tappity-tapped his way down the hallway. ”It vas vaiting for me,” His support cane hit something, probably somebody’s foot as the German man came to a stop next to Lyra. "Dekompressionskammer," he announced in German. The last time he had asked the chamber to allow him into a place in English had not turned out well for Adam. Consider it a lesson learned the hard way. Learning lessons the hard way seemed to be a predisposition for the poor man.

He felt the air in the chamber start to move. ”Zee?” The visually impaired man said ironically. ”Zere it koes.” The spinning wafted another smell towards him, a soft perfumery or soapy smell that Adam recognized. ” Guten morgen, Zamantha,” Adam said pulling his over-sized purple sunglasses out of a pocket. He placed the sunglasses over his glowy-blue eyes and then took a firmer hold of his support cane as the room stopped spinning.
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