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Originally Posted by Zannash View Post
Lyra drew in deep nervous breaths as he made his way down the corridor, dark blue eyes taking in every detail. He had spent so long trying to get his dream job before his parents convinced him to apply for the ministry and it turned out his ideal job lied within the ministry. He had, after all, nearly screamed with joy and excitement after reading the job description.

Recalling what the owl had said, Lyra entered the chamber, preparing for it to spin. However, he instead found that the chamber was stationary as a few others entered an open door. One was still standing in the chamber. "Hello," he said, not knowing anyone's names.
Samantha could feel her body hesitating to enter her chamber. It was still so recent that she had had her body taken over by an Encephalon and she was kind of hoping that the Encephalons had since been removed. She wouldn't bet on it though. As she entered, she saw an unfamiliar face. She didn't smile really, sorry, but she didn't want to appear unkind. "Good morning," she greeted the woman cordially. "I don't recognize you..."
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