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Very impressive. Major was thinking to himself as he made his way to the break room. This room could equal parts be very fun to be in, AND very relaxing. Nice balance and Major could not wait now to begin this Department meeting and meet all his fellow employees. It was good that he left his Uncle in charge of the shop today, very good indeed. He could trust him with it. In fact his Uncle pushed him out of the door to begin his first day of work. Very odd.

He stopped beside another gentlemen beside the vending machine and couldn't help but push his hand against it letting it sink in a bit before pulling back and watching the vending machine bounce back into place.

Oh...this was? "Good Day." Major said with a slight bow to his Department Head. "Does this Machine have Green Tea Ice Cream as well?" he smiled and took a step back to give the man some more space as not to crowd him.
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