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Text Cut: replies!
Originally Posted by Jessicute View Post
HEY! I'd looooove some graphics

♕ What sort of request is this? Siggy and PP please
♕ How about dimensions? PP 350x350 and Siggy 450x170 please
♕ Which pictures do you want in here? Model is Mackenzie Aladjem, but some pictures; one - two - three - four
♕ Text? Hanna Newton, Ravenclaw - something like that
♕ Anything else? Perhaps Ravenclaw colours, but whatever works with the images

Thank you
I'll see what I can do.

Originally Posted by PuppySara View Post
Hi Josie's finally old enough for her grown up model and figured it's time for the graphics to show that.

I want: Set please
Size: Standard
Pictures: Any of these
Text You Want: Josephine Violet: All grown up and ready to play
Other: She'll always love her purple or yellow colors, though anything will work. and thank you
It's so great that she's old enough to play! You've been queued!

for TakeMetotheBurrow

Photos!: for you!


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