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Originally Posted by Dokimoto View Post

Ankles AND wrists eh? Jackson had worn them on his ankles before, but just for a few laps here and there. He grabbed a pair and strapped them on before taking another for his wrists. Alright, easy enough. Waist? Eh… why not? He took one of these too, getting it secured around his rib cage. He did a bit of stretching, and began walking and jogging. “Hey Professor Adara!” he called as he went. He could feel the sweat forming on his head as they moved on to the next step of their practice. He grabbed a bat, getting a bit of a flashback to tryouts. Man that was pretty fun actually. He wondered how the Hufflepuff’s tryouts had been. He waited his turn by playing with the bat. Yes, this was definitely different with the weights on. When it was his turn, Jackson had gotten a bit more used to the difference. He nodded at his captain, who was making complete sense to him because they could all use some arm strength.
"Oi, Jackson!" Bel snapped her fingers a few times in the prefect's direction. It was impossible that he didn't hear her instructions, Bel knew how to make her voice carry but he hadn't even looked her way when she spoke, let alone done what she asked. Was his mind elsewhere? It was rude not to acknowledge her instructions whatsoever, she reckoned, and she wasn't gonna take that. He might've had authority off the pitch, but on it? Respect please!

"Pay attention, yeah? Are you gonna challenge yourself by getting airborne with everyone else?" If Ravenclaw wanted to win their next match he should be putting a lot more into this! His younger teammates were putting the prefect to shame just on pure enthusiasm alone.

Meanwhile, "Good job, Valencia! Try and get as much speed as you can even with the weights!" Bel called out to the Ravenclaw first year.
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