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It was tougher with the weights, Bel knew, but she watched carefully as the players went ham on the bludgers, ready to step in just in case anyone didn't quite get the bat swung around in time - easy to misjudge when you had to put more strength behind it. Case in point, she stepped in and smacked a bludger that was coming at one of her Hufflepuffs that they hadn't quite turned to face.

"Alright everyone! You can keep hitting them from the ground if you prefer, or if you're ready to get in the air, lets do that now! If you're not a beater, ditch your bat, we wanna see how you adjust to flying with the weights!" It would slow them down for sure, "And that means dodging the bludgers, so look alive!"

She pointed. "Fly as fast as you can down to the hoops at the other end of the pitch, loop through 'em, then fly back and loop through these ones. Three laps! Lets go!" Bel mounted her own broom and kept hold of one of the bats, just in case she needed to help keep the extra bludgers at bay.

ooc: Keeping weights on, your charrie can mount their brooms now. They get to pick if they're going to keep smacking bludgers or if you want them to dodge instead, but either way they should be flying as fast as they can down to the other end of the pitch and back three times, looping through the goal hoops each time.
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