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Matchmaker Madness

January, 2098
by: Hector Velez

The holiday season has come and gone, and that can only mean one thing: Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! For some, the day means flowers, chocolates, and a romantic date with that special someone; for others, it is nothing but a bad reminder of their loneliness. If you find yourself single and ready to mingle this Valentine’s Day, your soulmate might be right under your nose. Matchmaker, Matchmaker is here to help in your search.

Located in Diagon Alley next to TerrorTours, Matchmaker, Matchmaker is easily spotted by its vibrant pink exterior, but do not let the frilly appearances fool you! The shop, family owned and operated since 1985, has garnered quite the reputation over the years for successfully matching couples one blind date at a time. Their slogan boasts “helping find love Amortentia-free,” so it goes without saying that they take their matches quite seriously. The shop is currently headed by Juliet Raphael, a veteran with over 20 years experience at the helm of Matchmaker, Matchmaker. When asked for comment, Raphael stated, “This is my favourite time of the year! It just absolutely makes my heart melt seeing people fall for those they are blindly paired with, and I am incredibly honoured to be part of that process.”

The matchmaking process itself is fairly straightforward. Customers ages 18 and over need only fill out an application, which will be carefully reviewed by the shopkeeper and her team. Couples are matched based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to common interests. Once the matching is complete, applicants are notified of the time and location of their blind date, and the rest it up to the couple.

While Matchmaker, Matchmaker is open year round, the shop experiences a spike in business around Valentine’s Day. More applications means more chances for those looking for love or just looking for a good time to find a match, so get those applications in while you can!

OOC: authorship credit:MadMadamMalfoy
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