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So, the weights Bel was sporting weren't just for her. They were for all of them. Huh. Well, Hanna was always down to get stronger and this was certainly one way. Especially because it had the perk of getting her stronger for Quidditch, whilst Quidditching.

She saw Bel's demonstration of her foot shaking, that the weights were firmly attached. And that seemed to be how they should be fitted. She got weights for her ankles first, attaching them and readjusting them enough so that they were both comfortable and secure. And then she fitted the wrist weights which were a little awkward to put on, but comfortable and secure once on. Deciding to forego the waist weight for now, she was ready. Following Juni's instructions Hanna took a little walk around, and did a few little hops and jogs to get used to the feeling of being weighted down. It wasn't too uncomfortable, but it was a foreign feeling. She did a little walk past Professor Adara and gave her a wave.
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