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Caolan had caught many a stray ball in his time as wicketkeeper and managed to get a couple of people out (mostly the ones that stood there in absolute confusion as they hit the ball backwards somehow and forgot to run). He was enjoying himself but quite frankly this was not where he wanted to be. No, he was absolutely itching to get on the batting team and show these kids how it was done.

Perhaps he might go a little easier on them..


The teams switched around and the Ravenclaw stood up from his squatting position and stretched out his legs before excitedly bounced over to wait his turn. He was still talking to Adi in between waiting to bat. Getting to meet some of the big players would be amazing. His eyes lit up with excitement. “That would be awesome!” As for leaving his contact details he would be sure to do that. He made a mental note to speak to him after the lesson ended just before he was called up to bat next.

He made direct eye contact with the bowler, sussing out their throwing style seconds before it came flying through the air towards him. He hit it with ease with an audible ‘thwack’ as it flew through the air and beyond the boundary. As the fielders scrambled to retrieve it he sprinted between the wickets gaining as many runs as he could before the ball got back.

Mission accomplished.
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