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Derf. Was. STOKED.

Granted, the Head Boy was always ready for any opportunity to mount his broom and fly around...but this was exciting. A joint practice? Yes please! In fact, Derf would be down for an all house team match or something before term ended. You know. Everyone just put their names in a hat and then maybe draw for positions just for amusement. Some being out of their comfort zones and everything. Just some good ol' light hearted fun since quidditch could bring out the competitive side of things and all.


Bolting down to the pitch with his broom, Derf approached the group with a wide grin and over all chipper persona. "Really looking forward to this," he nodded, rubbing his hands together. But said rubbing soon turned to some persistent scratching on the back of his hand...and then his elbow...and then the back of his neck.

Apparently washing his pillow case and sheets had not fixed that problem.

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