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What was going on? They were practicing with Hufflepuff and that confused Chloe. She had many emotions about this because it would have been fun if they were practicing with her brother, but practicing with the Puffs meant she was going to be with their seeker, their captain seeker, their very good, very awesome seeker. This made Chloe super nervous in a kneel to the ground and saying we aren't worthy type of nervous.

She pushed it away though as she headed on the pitch, "Hey all!" giving a wave and then seeing the puff captain with the weights. "Ah, you should be careful with weights around your ankle, I read that it could be bad for your knees to wear to much weight, especially if it isn't fully secure and moves a bit." She had the fitness book in her room if they wanted it, but enough of the book, what were they doing today that needed those weights?
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