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Fire and ice. Opposites. It was all something that Stasya found both interesting and complicated, and it made the presence of all the candles make sense. Still, she didn’t see why they needed to know how to use runes to control a candle flame when they had Charms for the same thing, but she’d stayed rather silent during the discussion either way. She was still partial to Ehwaz and its uses regarding the horses in the barns, even if she didn’t need her rune stone when she was out there anymore, and strangely enough the bind runes they’d learned about the inferi term. She’d been listening, but not really doing much more than that and fingering a few of her rune stones idly when the lesson had moved on to actually dealing with the practical uses.

She didn’t mind galdrs by now. She didn’t have them exactly memorized, but all her listening from earlier made her relatively sure she knew the two that they were supposed to use. Kenaz and Isa. Looking down, she located the two appropriate stones and slipped them into her hand while the rest of her rune bag was laid on the floor. Standing back up, she faced the candle she was standing next to. Time to begin.

Kenaz rune in her hand, she slid the Isa stone into her pocket before she began speaking. “Kenaz kenaz kenaz, ku ka ki ke ko, kun kan kin ken kon, ok ek ik ak uk, kaunnnnnnnnn” Her candle flame barely flickered, but she didn’t let it bother her. She just kept repeating the galdr until the flame grew in size, reflecting in her eyes dangerously.

Now it was time to switch, as she slipped her hand in her pocket to exchange the kenaz stone for the isa, still focused on the candle flame. The only flicker of uncertainty came in when she let herself wonder if the rune would go so far as to freeze the candle instead of just extinguishing the flame, but it didn’t stop her from beginning the second galdr. “Isa isa isa, i i i i i i i i i, i i i i i i s s s s s s, s s s s s s i i i i i i, i i i i i i i i i”

And the candle flame froze. Maybe there was actually such a thing as too much concentration?
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