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This was no good. He was never going to remember this galdr, and he'd known that right from the start. It was in his textbook though, so... maybe it wouldn't be such a big deal if he...

... yeah, he was gonna do it. Abra crouched down to the schoolbag that sat at his feet and rifled through it looking through the right book. It was pretty difficult even to do that as quickly as he was attempting, and twice he straightened only to find he was holding his Herbology and then his Defence Against the Dark Arts textbook. Finally he located Ancient Runes Made Easy, at which point he stood again, and opened it up.

After locating the chapter on invoking runes in the index, Abra flipped to the right page and searched the chapter for the right rune. Again, not an easy job, as he couldn't simply scan through the pages with anything like ease. It took him some time but finally, finally, he got there.

"Kenaz kenaz kenaz..." Abra started again, holding his textbook in the crook of his arm and squinting at the words written there, his kenaz runestone still held in his left hand. "... ku ... ka ... ki ... ke ... ko... kun ... kan ... kin ... ken ... kon..." All that repetition, already his eyes were starting to feel the strain. "...ok ek ... ik ... ak uk, kaunnnnnnnnn..." So, as long as he'd actually read that right, that was the correct galdr. Now just... to repeat it until he could remember it, and then focus on invoking the rune rather than just remembering the galdr, and then... maybe he'd manage it.

Well. No time like the present. "Kenaz kenaz kenaz... ku ka ... ki ke ko..."

He kept trying.
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