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Tina paid extra close attention to Professor Flamel, hoping this would be the one time the information stuck with her. So they were to make the flames rise and fall using kenaz and isa... okay, that sounded simple enough. Probably more simple than it actually was. Tina craned her neck to get a good look at the stones Flamel was using, though she already towered over half the class, and jotted down the symbols in her notebook. Shed be sure to consult her textbook too, just in case she'd written them incorrectly.

Tina copied down the steps written on the blackboard. Okay, use the correct stones, concentration and willpower... that was doable. It was the galdrs that had her internally panicking. There were so many parts to remember! Most of them just sounded like random noise, and forgetting even one syllable could throw everything off. Honestly, Tina didn't understand why she had such a hard time with galdrs. She had no trouble remembering facts and figures in other classes. The dark-haired Ravenclaw listened with rapt attention as Flamel repeated the galdrs, saying the chants over and over again in her mind in an attempt to memorize them. Just in case that didn't work (which wouldn't surprise Tina at all at this point), she wrote down what she thought she heard. She took a deep breath as the demonstration concluded. Nothing left now but to get to work...

Tina held her kenaz stone tightly in her right hand, visualizing the cnadle flames leaping higher and higher. "Kenaz kenaz kenaz, ku ka ke ki ko, kun kan kin ken kon, ak ek ik ok uk, kaunnnnnnnnn," she chanted, and... absolutely nothing happened. What was she doing wrong? She thumbed frantically through her textbook for answers. Was that the right stone? Yes. The right galdr? It looked like she'd mixed up a few syllables; that must be the problem! "Kenaz kenaz kenaz, ku ka ki ke ko, kun kan kin ken kon, ok ek ik ak uk, kaunnnnnnnnn," she tried again. Still nothing. She thought she saw a faint glow on her stone... or had she just imagined it?

Tina scoffed, her hand angrily clenching into a fist around her stone. Ugh! Why was this so hard?! Students younger than her were catching on faster. It was taking all the restraint she had not to throw her stone onto the ground and give up. That wouldn't accomplish anything except getting her into trouble, and points loss or a reprimand would only make her angrier. She took a few deep breaths to calm her frustration before consulting her book again. Did she say the galdr wrong again? No, she got it right that time. She guessed concentration must be the problem. She'd give it one more try. Tina concentrated with all her might until she could clearly picture roaring flames in the back of her mind. "Kenaz kenaz kenaz, ku ka ki ke ko, kun kan kin ken kon, ok ek ik ak uk, kaunnnnnnnnn," she chanted slowly and carefully.

Tina glanced up, half afraid of what she might see, just in time to see her stone glow bright yellow and the flames of her candle jump higher... a little higher than she wanted, but she did it! Tina smiled, but before she could get too pleased with herself, she remembered she still had to cast isa.... great. She held her isa stone and repeated, "Isa isa isa, i i i i i i i i i, i i i i i i s s s s s s, i i i i i i i i i." The chant had no effect on her candle whatsoever. What a shock... She checked her notes and textbook and saw she'd missed a whole section of the galdr. How had that happened?! She always had trouble remembering galdrs, but that was bad even for her! Focus, Tina! she told herself sternly. Okay, let's try that again with the correct galdr this time!

"Isa isa isa, i i i i i i i i i, i i i i i i s s s s s s, s s s s s s i i i i i i, i i i i i i i i i," Tina chanted, envisioning her candle flame dying out... but it remained just that, a vision. If anything, the flames appeared even stronger than ever. Now what was she doing wrong? She had the right stone, the right galdr, and (she hoped) the right amount of concentration. Then she thought of something. Isa was supposed to be associated with ice and calmness... and Tina was feeling anything but calm right now! Was her frustration affecting her ability to invoke isa? Maybe she should take a break and try again in a few minutes?
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