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SPOILER!!: Daisy! <3
Originally Posted by Ginevra View Post
Daisy looked at Adi and nodded. "Yeah, I think I do need help with bowling. It is just so unfamiliar to me."

She watched Caolan and Bel bowl their Yorkers with an expression of stunned amazement written on her face. How was she going to do that? She sighed dejectedly.

Adi saw the way Daisy was looking at Caolan and Bel. The expression on her face told it all of how she felt. “Hey, don’t worry. You’ll get there. I can bet those two did a lot of practice before they got their bowling perfectly.

“Come on! Let’s do this. Just follow my actions, alright? We’ll go through this step by step.’’
Adi tossed the ball in his grip in the air then caught it. “First step, bring your arm and the ball over your head as you run in towards the wicket. Then level your hand and let the ball go.’’

SPOILER!!: Cordelia! <3
Originally Posted by griffin View Post
This game lasted for multiple days? Like, did the people who played professionally get breaks to eat and sleep during matches? She had other classes to go to, so she couldn’t just be camped out here all week. Test cricket sounded awful. Cricket seemed like a very confusing game. How could anyone ever remember all those rules? Cordelia was struggling to remember what had been explained, and that wasn’t even the half of the full rules of the game. Quidditch she could understand and play, but the game of cricket was new and confusing to her.

For bowling practice, Cordelia held the ball cross seamed as Adi had demonstrated and threw the ball at the wickets as hard as she could in one strong, smooth motion. She swung her arm around back towards her body after letting go of the ball and stepped forward with her right leg. Her ball landed about a yard short of the wicket. Retrieving the ball, Cordelia tried again, this time adjusting the angle of her throw. Over and over she repeated this motion. Each time the result got a little better.

When the time came for batting, Cordelia listened to the explanation of what protective gear was required. Sounded like the sort of situation in which it would be in her best interest to temporarily disconnect from her insulin pump so as to avoid damaging it if it got hit by a ball. After putting her pump away in a secure location with the rest of her things for the time being and testing her blood sugar, Cordelia was ready to get back in the action. She grabbed a pair of leg pads and a helmet and fit the leg straps the way that Adi had showed them to. Even with the straps tightened as much as she could get them, the leg pads she had chosen were still a little loose on her skinny legs. The leg pads were huge on her tiny body. Did they come in a smaller size? These must be the ones made for all the big kids.

Cordelia’s eyes disappeared into the helmet as she lifted it over her head. Woah, it was pretty dark in here. ”I need help!” Yeah, this was nothing like quidditch or football. With enough practice and help she might be able to become good at cricket though. Cordelia stood facing what she assumed was right, though she still hadn’t figured out how to adjust the helmet so it didn’t slip over her eyes so she couldn’t tell for sure. The bat felt strange in her hands and she couldn’t quite figure out which side of it she was meant to hit the ball with. The bat was over half as long as she was tall, and she struggled to swing it. It must have been quite the site for any spectators to see the small girl blindly trying to swing the bat that was almost as big as she was.

Naturally, Kay was trying her best to keep her eyes on everyone as much as possible but she only had one pair of eyes. So when she heard the call for help, it took her no time to trace the voice back to Cordelia. At least she thought it was Cordelia... a closer look told her it was.“The gear has completely swallowed you,’’ Kay said unnecessarily and chuckled a bit. “Here, Ms. Winklebleck. I’ve got the right sizes for you right… here.’’ Professor Stewart stooped to examine the pile of gears, her blue eyes moving from the said pile to the frame of the first year. After some careful thought, she selected a pair of pads and a helmet. Both items were smaller than the ones selected prior. “Try these.’’

SPOILER!!: Kaira! <3
Originally Posted by Sangeetha View Post
Kaira loved cricket. As she put on her pads, something occurred to her. She raised her hand and asked: 'Mr Rahman..if I may ask..which cricket team is your favourite? And which player?,' she asked, curiously.

Questions about his likes in the cricketing world! Adi liked this. “India and England without a doubt. Both sides have produced excellent players. As for player, I’d say Noel Walsh. That guy is the perfect all rounder.’’

OOC: Noel is a made up player because listing a player from this era would be so weird given that the RP is in the year 2097 xD

SPOILER!!: Caolan! <3
Originally Posted by Lottiepot View Post

Cue a big goofy grin.

Of course Caolan wasn’t going to leave the dude hanging! That was basically breaking guy code and also he had complimented him on his skills. He clenched his fist and fist bumped Adi’s. Could he call him Adi? He didn’t really catch his surname and the guy seemed pretty chill and wouldn’t mind. He grinned virtually from ear to ear. “I used to play for my County back home in the Under 15’s league” And he had loved it but never really felt brave enough to go for the national team. “But I had to give up my position when I came here.” He wasn’t able to attend practices or matches and he only felt it fair to hang up his whites and give someone else a chance. “I miss it though, wish Hogwarts had their own team..” Hint hint. Please set one up? Or y’know.. could invite him to some summer training camp or something? Anything? Please?

His Head Of House proceeded to compliment too and he smiled back at her. “Thanks Professor Stewart.” Her Ravenclaws were secretly a talented bunch.

The lesson moved onto batting which after bowling was his favourite position to play. It was fielding that needed some improvement for him. He headed over to the protective pads and strapped on his left one first followed by the right and then on went the helmet over his head. It was a little tight but never mind.. he stood before the wicket, feet slightly apart, body positioned towards the right and hands gripping the bat. The ball came towards him at some speed (perhaps the Professors didn’t want to go too lightly on him). He hit it at precision dead in the centre of his bat. The ball went flying over the heads of the students (thank Merlin they were short) and somewhere out into the grounds.

Err.. Did he have to go retrieve that now?

Adi wasn’t left hanging with the fist bump which pleased him. It kinda felt as though he were back at Hogwarts just enjoying lessons as opposed to being a man with many responsibilities. Not that he didn’t love his life at this point. He just hadn’t realised how much he had missed Hogwarts and being a student. Hearing Caolan’s explanation, he nodded. He understood all too well because… “I had to give it up too. If I hadn’t, my goal was to be an international player for England.’’ Also, was Adi imagining it or did Caolan seem to be hinting at something? “We should make plans for you to visit the club I coach at. If you want to of course.’’

“Quite welcome, Mr. Wilson.’’ Caolan and Adi seemed quite taken in their talks of the game so Kay decided to leave them for now. Her Ravenclaw was in good hands.

Adi shielded his eyes against the glare from the sky to watch the ball fly. MAN! That kid was more than good! “Perfect shot!’’ he said happily. “Don’t worry about the ball, we’ve got plenty to work with for now.’’ When the class was over, he was just going to Summon them all back. “Get ready for another. This time I’ll bowl to you.’’ Over the years, yorkers had become a specialty of his, which was what he bowled to Caolan now.

SPOILER!!: Abra! <3
Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
"No, that's alright thanks, Professor," Abra said with a smile, as he retrieved his ball and returned to his starting position. "I've got this." He did not, in fact, have this.

A few more times Abra tried throwing the ball at the wicker, getting closer and closer with his underarm throw. Eventually, when he got a bit more confident with the ball, he even did what everyone else was doing and did that weird, over-enthusiastic overarm throw. At first, the ball ended up simply sailing past the wicker and made Abra have to travel even further to go retrieve it. It was, however, eventually successful. On throw twenty-seven, Abra finally nailed the wicker.

First try!


And just in time to move on. On Adi's say-so, Abra went ahead and grabbed some leg pads and a helmet and got suited up ready to try some batting. He doubted that that cricket ball hitting him would hurt any more than a bludger, and he'd taken a hit from one of those to his unprotected head once - admittedly he'd ended up with a fractured skull, but that was neither here nor there - but if pads were necessary to bat, then he'd wear them.

Abra picked up a bat and practiced his grip for a few moments, standing as though he was in front of a wicker so that he was facing left, as he tended to naturally favour his left hand most of the time. Once he felt pretty confident in that, he headed over to the wicker he'd initially chosen and did the whole stance and bat-holding thing over there. He was feeling slightly more confident about this, because he'd had plenty of practice with beaters' bats and bludgers, and how different could it be, really?

How different indeed.

When the ball was sent his way, all thoughts of cricket went completely out of Abra's mind. He drew the bat back and by the time he swung it forwards, had ended up holding it more like he was two-hand-swinging a beaters' bat. The ball, of course, was aimed at the wicker, which was significantly lower than his swing, so Abra's exuberant swing ended up missing entirely.

Kay was slightly disappointed that Abra refused her help but she was pleased because of his determination. While she assisted other kiddos, she kept sneaking looks at him to monitor his progress. It took him quite a while but he eventually got it and she cheered from the distance. “Excellently done, Mr. Botros!’’

When took up the bat, however, she did not miss just how confident he looked holding it. Even if Abra missed by a long run, Kaysha was quite certain that he would haul that ball along a long way.

SPOILER!!: Nettie! <3
Originally Posted by Lissy Longbottom View Post
Nettie simply stared and listened to the Professor and this Adi guy as they explained the rules of cricket. She had NO clue what half these words meant. Yorker? Bowling? Wicket? WHAT DID THEY MEAN? She was scribbling anxiously on her parchment, trying to keep up with it as best she could.

She watched the demonstration of "bowling" - which, this was definitely NOT bowling but ok - and then took the ball to get ready to do it herself. It was sort of like playing Chaser. Except not really. But she was going to use those Chaser muscles to CHUCK this thing as best she could at the...wicket, right?

Gearing up, she increased her speed, did a little hop thing, and SHOT the ball at the wicket like Adi had done...and watched as it instead landed about two feet shy of the wicket. Hmpf. That hadn't worked out well at all...

"Not quite, Ms. Gladin." Kay grinned and patiently began to demonstrate how to bowl. This time, however, she did so with an imaginary ball as the one she had prior had been batted off somewhere by another kiddo. "It's more of a toss than pelting. Keep working at it! I'm right around if you need my help.''

SPOILER!!: Patrick! <3
Originally Posted by siriusblackliveson View Post
Patrick watched as they bowled the ball. He felt a bit weird since it was similar to his baseball games but he just was so awkward and so unsure of what he was supposed to do. He would not be good at this part. He tried a few times to toss the ball the same way that Adi had but it wasn’t the same as what he was used to.

Oh good now they would get to things that he knew personally. He knew how to swing a bat he figured it was similar. He looked at the way he was supposed to hold the thing and watched the few students who did it before him. He prepped himself to go and wait, Nobel he was a fan of cricket?

That blew Patrick away.

He gripped the bat again stepping up as he readied himself to see the ball coming toward him and swing. He took a deep breath watching it come closer and he swung with the confidence of someone who hits a few home runs every now and then.

Wowzers it went further than he thought. But he was not a fan of how the bat felt in his hand it was not anything like a baseball bat. He hoped he didn’t look like a total fool.

Goodness! Kay's gaze followed the ball as it sailed by over her head. She had seen and heard the crack of the bat as Patrick struck the ball. What a beauty of a hit it had been! "Nicely done, Mr. Dooley!''

Now they were on to the fielding practice, the very last aspect of the activity before an actual game. “Everyone, if you will please follow me to another part of the grounds.’’ Kay beckoned the students then led to an area a short distance away free of tree stumps and other hurdles. Here, a cricket pitch had been set up. Joshua had been a big help to her with getting this done. On the pitch, wickets were already set up and the ground marked with white paint. At intervals on the field surrounding the pitch, there were bright neon green plates.

“This is what a typical cricket pitch looks like. From one end, the batman bats and the other, the bowler bowls. The white lines are there for reasons. As you can see, the wicket is resting on one on both ends of the pitch. The remaining free line is where the batsman rests his bat.’’ In demonstration, Kay stepped up before one of the wickets, readied her stance and rested her bat on the line. “From the other end, the bowler runs up but it must be noted that he cannot over step the white line on his end.’’

The last aspect of the basics- fielding!

“Field placements are very important. Each format has their restrictions but since we’re not going to be playing one of these formats, rather the little match that we’re about to have is just for fun and for your understanding, I’ll explain the basic layout.

“First, there’s the wicket keeper. He’s positioned behind the wicket and tries to out the batsman. Additionally, he’ll try to stop the ball from heading to far. The further the ball goes, the more runs the batting team is likely to score.’’
Adi swung his arms, an imaginary bat in his hands. “Runs can be scored in three ways: when the batsmen run between the wickets- the number of times they run between determines the number of runs-, when the ball goes over those ropes on the ground called the boundary…’’ He pointed to the rope that surrounded the field about 150 yards from the pitch. “That’s four runs. And when the ball is hit among the spectators which gives six runs.’’ There was a pause as he let that sink in. “See those green plates? They mark some of the basic fielding places.There’s backstop.’’ Adi pointed. “To the left is third man, to that left is Point. Front. Cover. Deep cover. Mid off. Mid on. Deep Mid- wicket. Square leg. Fine leg.’’ He carefully pointed to each of them. “Don’t worry about remembering the names. Professor Stewart indicated that she will provide a complete diagram of all the positions for each of you.’’

Kay nodded. “Indeed I will. But onto our fielding practice. As there are so many of you, we shall rotate the fielding positions. For now,I would like 11 of you to take up positions next to the plates. I will be bowling and Adi will be batting and you lot will be doing the fielding. In other words, you need to stop the ball when it comes in your direction as quickly as possible then throw it back to me. Go ahead. Any eleven of you take up one of the positions. For the person who will be the wicket keeper, here are some special wicket keeping gloves. It is required that you wear them as the ball is in closer proximity to you and comes at an extra force.’’

Once this was done, she announced. “Fielding practice starts now.’’ And she began to bowl to Adi.

OOC: Bowling and Batting practice are still allowed! I’ve been keeping track of where each of you are in terms of this mini activity so no need to worry about not finishing all three activities. For the fielding practice, just pretend that your charrie is next to a plate and Adi and Kay are doing their thing. Have fun with how your charrie handles chasing down the ball Also, here is a short video of how batting and bowling works. Note the wicket keeper behind the batsman. In this vid, the batsman was able to hit sixes in the entire over by clearing the boundary ropes (the ball went into the crowd each time in this case).
The main activity starts in 24 hours!
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