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Originally Posted by Tegz View Post
"Okay." He said. Which was probably not the normal response to someone giving you their name, but there it was. Except... should he elaborate? "Not that you need me to tell you your name is okay. Or that its okay to tell me your name. Just... uh. Hello. I suppose." Yes and... she was going. So that was... weird. Another glance at shopkeeper Ray from Ramiel, as if to check if this sort of thing happened often.

Back to his account ques---or not. This Della had a question of her own it seemed. Ramiel nodded. "Yes, I'm the new manager. I mean, I'm also a wandmaker, but specifically I'm managing the store. In the stead of the owner. Who doesn't like people very much." And he was living there. Had he mentioned that part? But more importantly, "Er... why?"

Della did not stick around long enough to hear the bulk of Not-Ray’s overexplanation. She heard his hello, offered a polite grin that flirted with the kindness she so easily possessed, and returned a quick little, “Hey there,” of her own.

But when she returned to the front with the invisble ink in her fist and asked after his affiliation, she was rewarded with more rambling. It was kind of sweet, actually. Perhaps, she considered, Not-Ray was actually named Ram, after all. This mess of a man did not seem the nepharious fake name person she had colourfully imagined.

Della fished the shattered remains of her wand out of her pocket and hopelessly extended it to him, “I was actually going to head there after this shop. To see if anything could be done.” The WADA student didn’t use her wand much, if ever, but it was symbolic. The physical evidence that, yes, she was a witch, too.
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