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Originally Posted by Jessiqua View Post
With the stubborn spot on the counter now cleaned, polished, and buffed, Ray looked up as the bell tinkled. The man walked up to the counter, and Ray offered a welcoming smile. "Hello Sir," he said. "Can I offer you assistance?" Show him just how many colour mixes of ink he could offer, and let him feel the high quality of parchment he offered?
"Probably, but you don't need to call me sir. That's weird." Really it was. He wasn't from the kinds of circles where being 27 warranted a sir. But yeah yeah, assistance, that was a thing.

He was about to speak up with exactly what that assistance would entail when another person entered the store.

Originally Posted by pundantic View Post
SPOILER!!: Ram and Ray

Frankly, Della had broken her wand. Well, to be even more frank, she had lost her wand first. Or maybe it had been broken before she lost it. Whatever way it shook out, when Della found her wand after a month and a half of it being unnoticeably absent, she buckled down and decided to head to Diagon Alley to see what could be done.

...three days after finding it. What? Life was busy and so was she.

But before making her way to the wand shop, she stepped into Scribbulus. Her wand was still going to be broken whether or not she made a quick detour. And Della was in need of some more glow and the dark ink. It was the best kind of ink to scribble fake moustaches on Teddy at parties.

She bounced into the shop with a grin and waved at the familiar shopkeep, "Afternoon, Ray!" Then, she addressed the man she didn't know at all, "Afternoon, Not-Ray!"
Not Ray? It took Ramiel a good twenty seconds to catch on. The shopkeeper was Ray. He was not. Not rocket science but also not expected.

"Uh.. Ram. I'm Ram." She was high energy wasn't she? He shot a little look at the shopkeeper and wondered if he should continue or not. Would that be rude? Probably not. Well. He looked at the man he now knew was called Ray. "I actually wanted to see about opening an account with you. I'm a new neighbour. Sort of. Not exactly. Down the other end. Ollivanders, you know it?" Of course he knew it. Who didn't know Ollivanders? "I work there. And I live there. That's the.. neighbour bit. Its literal. But uh... an account. Not for me, I mean for me, but on Ollivanders' behalf." So that would be.... good.
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