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A Modelesque Halloween Party

November, 2097
by: Cameron Grail

Earlier this week, your Daily Prophet correspondents got front row passes to one of the most awaited Halloween soirees in our very own wizarding community. An event hosted by none other than the prestigious Models Association of the London Wizarding Community (MALWC) and attended by a handpicked selection of fashionable wizards and witches of various age and background from all over Europe. Being invited along by the community’s premiere non-profit organization of models, known for producing some very promising talents, was a golden opportunity and we expected nothing short of grand.

So what exactly happens in a MALWC Halloween party, you ask? It turns out a whole lot of dancing, a whole lot of picture taking, and of course a whole lot of major fashion moments. The theme being a masquerade ball, the night had an air of mystery and elegance to it, with the place charmed to be reminiscent of old whimsical London from a whole century ago. Intricate floating chandeliers lit up the venue to highlight some of the most interesting and bewitching looks, showcased by the models and their guests. We can't mention all, but here are some of our favorites:

High fashion runway model Sachiko of Modèle Mystique simply looked regal in an extravagant marble-textured gown. Coupled with a pair of silver dangling earrings, an imposing shiny crown that was almost seven inches tall and a subtle mask complimenting her overall ensemble, she was quite the queen of the night. Quidditch player and model Elian Maes also made an appearance, looking quite dashing in a black and white tuxedo. The classic bow tie and embossed flashy gold mask he wore over his eyes was an absolute head-turner.

Another favorite was fashion icon and animagus Ambrosia Crabtree who challenged the faux pas and exuded vibrancy with her colorful feathered attire. She perfected the look with a painted mask that made her and her pink eyebrows stand out. Renowned model and nail artist Ruby Banner also did not disappoint, donning a fitted gown made of delicately fluttering butterflies especially tailored for her by Pensacola Morgan-Bott's O-Star designs. The quaint butterfly mask clouding her eyes for an added oomph perfectly completed the look. Finally, to roundup our list is rising star Evony McKenna in a sheer sweetheart crystal ball gown with embroidered details. She kept the accessories to a minimum but accentuated her facial features and golden locks with a dainty lace mask.

It was a truly memorable night and we can hardly wait for what this organization and their esteemed models have in store for us next Halloween. Stay tuned!

OOC: authorship credit:Tazzie
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