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Text Cut: Individual Replies
Originally Posted by DuckyLinJi View Post
One of the reasons why Dorian had not gone outside mucbh during the summer was because he had been reading his ancient runes textbook. Ok...that was a lie...he hadn't gone out because he simply had not want to go, you know, like any other teenager prefered to stay inside? But he HAD read up on some of his textbooks and had tried to learn some more so he was sure he could answer any questions asked to them!

The Ravenclaw automatically moved aside when the professor walked inbetween the students to stand at the front and his blue eyes looked the blackboard where the runes Isa and Kenaz had been written

"Isa is associated with ice and Kenaz is associated with fire" he said after raising his hand.
As soon as the question was asked, a number of hands rose into the air. Flamel's friendly blue eyes fell first on the fifth year Ravenclaw, who was quick to mention what both runes were associated with. "Right you are, Mr. Katharos," the professor said with a nod of his head.

Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
Here we go then. Time to show all the things he still didn't know about Ancient Runes, probably disappointing his namesake in the process. Not that Abra didn't want to be awesome at runes, it was more that he just couldn't for the life of him remember what all of them meant, and, for obvious reasons, he often read and wrote them all wrong, just like regular letters.

Oh! But that one! He knew that one! Isa. An easy one. Just a line, really, so difficult to misread, and sounded like 'ice', which was exactly what it meant.

Abra opened his mouth to say just that when... Katharos beat him to it. Well then. Abra paused for a moment, then raised his hand, being careful not to knock any candles. "With their magical uses, you can use Isa to sort of stop things. So you sort of freeze them in their tracks, like ice? I don't know if it freezes things by hardening them, but that would be cool too." Oh. Haha. Cool. That was funny. "Kenaz helps get rid of anxieties, I think." This stuck in his mind because of reasons.
After, the man's eyes shifted over to the Gryffindor Prefect. As the boy spoke, Flamel's gaze did not waver and he remained very focused on what the seventh year had to say. A smile played on his lips at the pun, whether it was intentional or not, what was stated.

"Thank you, Mr. Botros, and you are indeed correct. Isa can be used to stop things or serve as a sort of blockage. How effect that is, though, depends on the amount of concentration you have as well as the amount of experience with the rune." He paused for a moment to let that sink in a bit before providing a comment about the boy's thoughts on Kenaz. "And what you say about Kenaz is very true as well. Though, of course, one could argue that Isa has the potential to do the same if used for medication and calming purposes."

Originally Posted by siriusblackliveson View Post
Patrick was writing quickly before he had to stop and rub his shoulder trying to get rid of an itch. He raised his hand as he wrote down his own information about the runes. He always felt so lost. Like why did his textbook feel like it was translated into a foreign language and then translated into another from there. He usually felt as if he was reading random babble.

He heard the others mention their general properties. "Well the Kenaz can help with studying." he flipped back to his reading notes, "and Isa requires that you stay calm." at least that was what he thought he remembered reading he honestly wasn't too sure anymore.
The next person he saw with their hand raised was the Slytherin Captain. Flamel waited as the boy flipped through the notes that he had taken before speaking himself. "Well said, Mr. Dooley. Imagine just how useful the combination of these woulds would be for everyone with those uses in mind."

Originally Posted by Malachi View Post
Malachi raises his hand before adding what he knew, "Isa can reinforce runes around it from what I remember reading. I honestly don’t know much about Kenaz." After that he puts his hand down and listens to the others.
Flamel nodded at the next student that spoke. "Thank you, Mr. Mitsue. Isa, just like any other rune, can reinforce other runes that are minded together with it. But, at the same time, it can also be a hinderance against others. That is why using runes with a clear purpose is important."

A soft smile was sent his way after the confession about not knowing much about Kenaz. Considering the boy was a first year and Ancient Runes wasn't exactly the easiest of subjects, he couldn't fault him for that. Plus Flamel knew that others would have plenty to say about the rune to fill up the Ravenclaw's brain with new knowledge.

Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
Zoryn was growing quite bored waiting for class to start. Any minute now, yeah?

Wait a minute... Was Maxton Carden coming to stand by here? To say she was surprised would be an understatement. He was a squirrel of a boy and typically opted to sit all by himself. And as far away from Zor as possible, btw. The Gryffindor turned, hearing him whisper to her. "....." And that's when realization struck her.

The Gryffindor felt RAGE shoot through her veins, as she narrowed her eyes and him. "You're a dead man, Carden." Because, yes, she fully understood what he was talking about. He was the culprit. She should've known.

There wasn't much else Zoryn could say or do, however, as their Professor began to address the class for the start of their lesson. Isa and Kenaz? Zoryn sort of knew stuff about these Runes as she was now in her seventh year and had gained some knowledge throughout her time here. Being confined to her dormitory for an entire month also meant that she had actually studied for once in her forsaken life. And so, yes, she knew things.

Did that mean she'd put effort into her answer?

"Both have two syllables."

Absolutely not.

He didn't specify that it had to be runic knowledge. He basically opened the floor up to ANYTHING. Syllables were a thing she knew about them. Mhm.
The eye narrowing had gone missed by Flamel. Truth be told, he had a lesson to begin and it was likely that his back was turned to the pair when he made his way up to the front. So, by the time he was facing them all, everything seemed ordinary.

But did he expect an ordinary answer from the likes of Zoryn Spinnet? No. In fact, he expected quite the opposite from her. Sometimes it was amusing, other times it left him honestly wondering how the girl made it to her seventh year.

A deadpan silence occurred after her answer before Flamel finally replied with a simple "Thank you, Miss Spinnet."

Originally Posted by Jessiqua View Post
Hanna grinned and nodded. "Toasty," she said. She started to peel off some of the outer layers, rolled them up tight and into her bag.

As Professor Flamel commenced the lesson, he got all of Hanna's attention. Seeing the runes on the board, Isa and Kenaz. She listened to what was being said around her, and got stuck on Dorian's answer. Ice and Fire. She raised her hand and said "In uh N-Norse mythology, they believe fire and ice coming together caused the creation of the universe." Which... well, was that what she knew about the runes themselves, or just the ice and fire elements?
It did not take long for him to call on the fourth year Ravenclaw after the previous student. An approving nod was sent in her direction. "Excellent, Miss Newton. Both elements are believed to have been the cause of creation. Frost and flames collided and the first melted the ice, which then formed Ymir, the first of the giants, and Audhumla, a cow. And so the origins of the Cosmos began."

Originally Posted by LilFox06 View Post
Valencia peered at the candle floating next to her. She was curious about that. This didn't seem like a normal classroom setup.

She raised her hand after the question was asked. "Isa means stillness. So like an idea after meditation. But Kenaz is more of an action." She offered.
Eyes then focused on anther first year. As the Ravenclaw spoke, his head nodded once more. Hmm. "Thinking about the two runes in their simplest forms, then I would have to agree with your line of thinking, Miss Phillips."

Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
Derf was honestly tempted to dip his finger into the wax pooling around the wick...but they could maybe NEED that for what they were doing today so...probably best not to. It was also pretty distracting watching the way the flame danced about in the air, so much so that he nearly missed when class began.

Isa would always remind him one one Valerie Gray, both in her use of it during the IMPS as well as her general persona and reputation of being the Ice Queen of Illvermorny. He wondered what she was up to now. Was she happy? His eyes glazed over a little bit as his mind wandered, but i came back soon enough thanks to the voices of his classmates.

Dorian's answer, of course, being the first one to come to mind...and his bright blues moves right on back to the flame. Were they...going to learn out to ignite and extinguish with runes? That seemed almost too obvious with the rune Kenaz...but shooting little icy blasts at the flames to put them out and then ignite them again...that also sounded pretty darn neat, you know?

Um um...but what could he ADD to the discussion? Hand up, he began pulling at straws in his memory a bit.

"Isa is, um, a rune of control...and like...self-control. Even looks like the letter 'I' for the self, you know? Kenaz too is sorta about control...but controlled energy and transformation, like phoenix fire. Both runes together, well, reckon you could say they bring balance? These two kinds of control..and the juxtaposition of hot and cold, fire and ice, like others are saying."
Eventually Flamel notice the raised hand of the Head Boy. Patient and listening as the boy gave his answer, the professor's head nodded slowly. Control and balance was exactly what the two runes were about, granted their effects were polar opposites of each other.

"Thank you, Mr. Ashburry-Hawthorne. And you are most certainly correct about both of these runes in particular honing in on control and how the two, when used properly, can balance each other out. We will be practising with that notion soon enough."

Originally Posted by MadMadamMalfoy View Post
Tina positively beamed when Professor Flamel greeted her in French. She was sorely tempted to ask him about his day and try to strike up a conversation in French, but she restrained herself. Since she left Beauxbatons, she didn't hear her native tongue much anymore. Hearing Flamel speak to her made her miss her home even more! Her longing quickly gave way to anger at a certain Beauxbatons prefect. If it hadn't been for Cassius Rosier's betrayal, she would still be at her old school where she belonged!

She took a deep breath to calm her rising emotions so she could focus on the lesson. Runes now, rage later. Tina blinked confusedly at the words on the board. Uhh... she couldn't think of a single thing to say about the runes, and not for lack of trying. She read her textbook just like she was supposed to, but she could never get the information to stick. It was like everything she knew about runes just leaked out of her head!

Tina kept quiet for now and listened to her classmates, hoping something they said would jog her memory. So if Kenaz represented fire, did that explain the candles? But what about Isa? Were they going to use that to put the candles out or something? She had no clue! Tina bit her lip, searching her mind for any tidbit of information about the two runes that hadn't been said. After a few minutes, she timidly raised her hand. "I-isn't Kenaz associated with knowledge and creativity?" she said, trying to recall more information as she spoke. "and Isa... is supposed to help with concentration?"
As the French Ravenclaw's hand went up, his eyes momentarily locked on her and was all ears. His head nodded a few times while she spoke. "Excellent, Miss Dantes. You are correct in providing those more divinatory meanings and magical uses of the runes. Kenaz is a rune of illumination, which can invoke an aide in forming new ideas and insight. Isa is also a creative force, though it is more focused on clearing ones mind before moving onward."

Originally Posted by lazykitty View Post
Yes, she actually had been wondering that. Also, the candles, but the runes explained it, at least a little. The 'fire' rune. Now, what did she know about those two runes that hadn't already been said? "They both have to do with creation and rebirth." Sounded legit, anyway.

Also, she was still scratching, but more discreetly now. Didn't want to be a distraction, after all. Not like that, anyway.
Another hand was raised, which meant the professor's gaze shifted once more. As the Hufflepuff gave her answer, Flamel nodded. For a moment he paused, wondering if she was going to add more details to her fairly broad answer.

No other words coming from her mouth, the man picked up where she left off. "Thank you for emphasizing that, Miss Calrissian. Both runes share the common attribute of creation and rebirth, both in the physical and mental sense. Physically we have the Norse myth of creation, and one could make a case for this also being represented through winter and spring. Then, mentally, there is the creation and control of ideas, action, and the self."

Originally Posted by Dokimoto View Post
Jackson listened as their setting was explained. He had assumed the other students just went with it too, but he could imagine some of the younger kids were probably still blown away when professors changed things up a bit. Jackson eyed the runes listed and went through his notes. “Isa is easy to remember since it sounds like ‘ice’ already, and represents a calm state, like in yoga or something. It’s the opposite of Kenaz, which represents fire and more ambitious in nature. Anyway, our reading describes them as the yin to each other’s yang.” His words were becoming jumbled, which tended to happen when he was trying to discuss runes. He had to admire Runes professors for trying to explain it.
"Correct," Flamel replied after the Prefect finished sharing his answer. "I like how you mentioned that Isa is the Yang to Kenaz's Yang. This just simply means, as you suggested when mentioned what the runes represent, that they are opposites of each other. While they may be opposites, they both, however, are able to interact and have influence in a balanced way."

Originally Posted by Waterloo View Post

He probably should’ve reined in the trolling just a tad because the look Zoryn shot him was enough to make him pale. Let alone her words….

Max gulped, Adam’s apple bobbing nervously in his neck. Before he could worm (hah) his way out of it and insist he had absolutely no idea what she was on about and that she’d got all of this wrong, class had started.

Did he offer up an answer of his own? Nope. Sorry Professor Flamel, but he was too busy keeping an eye on the Gryffindor who was out to get his blood.
Looking around the room for more raised hands, Flamel did happen to notice the Slytherin Prefect who ... seemed distracted? The professor let a cough escape his mouth as a cue for a certain someone to focus on the lesson. The Ancient Runes NEWT wasn't exactly a cake walk, and it would be absolutely dreadful if one were not focused when the material was being learned.

Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Rylee remained quiet as Professor Flamel began his lesson. Her attention was pulled onto the board where the words Isa and Kenaz were clearly written. Now what did she know about them both? Much more than she had in previous years if she was being honest. Only not enough to really expand on what those around her had already said.

It didn't much matter to the fourth year that she was still standing about beside a floating candle. All that mattered was she was able to pull out a sheet of parchment, along with her quill and write down some notes. "Isa helps you to be able to control your own energy. Kenaz helps with controlling fire for illumination and warmth," she offered raising her hand. Once her answer had been given it was write back to taking down notes.
Another approving nod of his head was given. "Well said, Miss Prichard," Flamel praised, still smiling. "Isa can help in controlling ones own energy, but it can also help block energies as well. As for Kenaz, controlling fire is definitely part of it as is sparking and controlling new ideas or inspiration."

He hoped that everyone was starting to pick up on both runes having multiple uses, depending on one's purpose and intent.

Originally Posted by klexos24 View Post
With all her privileges taken away, Charlie had plenty of time to keep up with her readings.

She would normally be more excited about learning new things... but Hogwarts wasn't being so kind yet. A month of detention and other things would give one that impression.*

Biting her lip in a futile attempt to clear her head, Charlie rose her hand and cleared her throat. "I'm pretty sure Isa means, um... coldness. But more in a personal way than an... Ice way. In other words, I guess it means focusing on yourself.

Oh, and Kenaz.... “Kenaz represents enlightenment, in a way.... It’s light in the darkness, both metaphorically and literally.
Blue eyes locked on to the final hand that was still raised in the air. Flamel nodded at her response, rather impressed with the first year's explanation of Kenaz in particular. "Excellent, Miss Smedley, excellent." There was a brief pause before the professor continued speaking. "I think you have a great understanding of Kenaz. You've got a nice grasp on Isa as well, though keep in mind that Isa can work in multiple ways, both metaphorical and literal, as well."
After the final raised hand lowered and a response was given, Flamel hesitated for a moment, his eyes glancing from student to student (those that hadn't spoken in particular), just in case there were any additions or new information that needed to be shared with the class. Seeing no hands go up or faces indicating that they had something on their mind to say, the professor pushed himself from his perch and took a few steps forward, positioning himself beside a candle nearest to him.

"Some information about Isa and Kenaz that came up multiple times in some way were that the two are represented by ice and fire and that they are in many cases opposites of each other. Isa, ice, is a typically viewed as a rune of stillness or some sort of blocking, whereas Kenaz, fire, is a more active energy that promotes both metaphorical and literal illumination. Though the two are different, they both bring with it rebirth and control."

Eyes now glancing over at the candle, a hand reached into his pant pocket. From it he retrieved two stones and held them out for all to see, one containing the symbol of Isa and the other the symbol of Kenaz. "Today we are going to practice using both runes and invoking their physical energies, which is why I have taken the liberty of using these candles for class this morning. Right now your candles all are lit with a steady flame. You will be using Kenaz to increase the flame, followed with Isa to gradually lessen the flame until it is extinguished."

"Now, while this task may seem simple, there are a few key things that you need to keep in mind if you want successful results. First, it is necessary to harness the energies through the appropriate rune stones. Using the wrong stone will get you nowhere," Flamel stated, pausing for a moment as the chalk rose again and started writing steps on the board. "After that, you need to invoke the runes with the correct galdr. Recite the galdr multiple times to make the stone glow and invoke the rune's energies while envisioning exactly what you want to happen to the flame. You will need to do this with a considerable amount of concentration and willpower, otherwise your efforts will go to waste. All eyes on me while I demonstrate this for you all."

Holding the Kenaz stone in his dominant hand, Flamel's eyes focused on the candle. He briefly studied the flame before he started chanting, "Kenaz kenaz kenaz, ku ka ki ke ko, kun kan kin ken kon, ok ek ik ak uk, kaunnnnnnnnn." As the galdr was repeated a number of times with more concentration and intensity, the stone glowed yellow and the flame grew more and more.

Satisfied, rune stones were swapped. "Isa isa isa, i i i i i i i i i, i i i i i i s s s s s s, s s s s s s i i i i i i, i i i i i i i i i," the man chanted, causing the stone to glow black. Every time the galdr was repeated, the large flame gradually lessened. Flamel's brow furrowed, envisioning very clearly the effect he wanted the rune's energies to have on the flame. A few short moments later, the flame let out and a trail of smoke rose.

His gaze shifted from the candle to his students. Smiling he said, "Now it is your turn to give it a go. Do not worry if you don't get results the first time. Stay diligent and keep on trying. If you have questions or need some pointers, I'll be walking around while you are practicing."

OOC: We have arrived to the mini-activity/practice portion of the lesson! Huzzah! For this task, your character needs to increase the flame of the candle they are standing next to with the energies of Kenaz and then lessen the flame until it is extinguished with Isa. To do this your character needs to do the following:
  • Hold the correct rune stone in their dominate hand.
  • Chant the correct galdr until the stone glows (see above in my post).
  • Envision what they want runic energies to do to the flame -- first increase the flame, then decrease/extinguish it.
  • Focus on what they are doing with great concentration and willpower.
How quickly your character is able to complete this task and whether or not they are successful in doing so should be based on their experience with runes, their pronunciation of the galdrs, and their ability to concentrate. They can succeed, fail, be somewhere in between, cause something wrong to happen, etc. -- note there are many creative ways you can go about this task to fit their abilities and make the class fun!

Feel free to make as many posts as you like for this part of the lesson. I will be posting Flamel interacting with your characters until we move on to the next part of the lesson on Thursday, February 7th.
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