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Derf was honestly tempted to dip his finger into the wax pooling around the wick...but they could maybe NEED that for what they were doing today so...probably best not to. It was also pretty distracting watching the way the flame danced about in the air, so much so that he nearly missed when class began.

Isa would always remind him one one Valerie Gray, both in her use of it during the IMPS as well as her general persona and reputation of being the Ice Queen of Illvermorny. He wondered what she was up to now. Was she happy? His eyes glazed over a little bit as his mind wandered, but i came back soon enough thanks to the voices of his classmates.

Dorian's answer, of course, being the first one to come to mind...and his bright blues moves right on back to the flame. Were they...going to learn out to ignite and extinguish with runes? That seemed almost too obvious with the rune Kenaz...but shooting little icy blasts at the flames to put them out and then ignite them again...that also sounded pretty darn neat, you know?

Um um...but what could he ADD to the discussion? Hand up, he began pulling at straws in his memory a bit.

"Isa is, um, a rune of control...and like...self-control. Even looks like the letter 'I' for the self, you know? Kenaz too is sorta about control...but controlled energy and transformation, like phoenix fire. Both runes together, well, reckon you could say they bring balance? These two kinds of control..and the juxtaposition of hot and cold, fire and ice, like others are saying."

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