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Ancient Runes was one of those lessons that shouldn't be allowed to be taught during morning hours when the brain hadn't fully wakened up yet. But then again, it would also suck to have Ancient Runes near the end of the day when the brain was starting to get tired and sleepy.

Huh. Why was he still taking Ancient Runes again?

Whatever. Didn't matter.

Max normally opted for a spot away from everyone else, but his eyes lit up the moment he saw Zoryn Spinnet. Without even noticing the Professor, he quickly moved to claim the spot on her other side. Sandwiched between two Slytherins, wasn't she lucky?

It was never too early for troll mode.

"Psssst. Haven't I seen you somewhere before....?" Y'know, like on that portrait on the seventh floor corridor, hahaha. "Your face......" He squinted at her for full effect. "It looks so familiar..... but..... I can't quite put my finger on it...."
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