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Regardless of how awful external circumstances had been each term at Hogwarts, Derf's fascination with Ancient Runes hadn't entirely wavered. Not much at least. The true turning point still had been when the now former Headmistress Hawthorne had showed them the means to communicate with equestrian animals - how could he NOT love the subject after that, you know? And now, well, being taught by a Flamel? That was, you know, pretty neat.

Though he was a bit confused when the man was not in the corridor waiting for them to arrive as he had become accustomed to, which made the Head Boy wonder whether or not he had confused his schedule - there WAS a lot on his plate these days - only to find relief when he poked his head in and found his peers inside.


Taking a few steps in, Derf watched as the man shuffled about and admired the pleasant glow of the candles for a time. Well, at least until he heard instructions. "G'day, professor," he greeted quickly before moving to stand behind a candle.

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Ah, fudgeflies.

It was snowing. But thankfully THANKFULLY their lesson was inside. Still kinda cold but inside. He could deal with that. There wasn't much he could deal with this week but being inside on a snowy day? That he could handle. Gladly. Everything else? Put off until further notice, yeah? Cool. His feet carried him into the classroom quickly, coming to a screeching halt as he lifted his head from shaking around his hair. Was.... was he in the right place?

He had to have been, yeah? Ducking his head back out of the room, he double checked. Yeah. Ancient Runes. But... oh wait. There he was. How had he missed the professor? Doesn't really matter now, does it?

"Uh, hello Professor." Candle? Go find one? Cool. Another task he could definitely tackle. Let's do this.
Which placed him right beside Eamon. "Hey," he smiled with a gentle nudge of the elbow into the other boy's side. "Candles and runes, huh?" he mused as he glanced ahead at his own while his mind swirled with thoughts regarding divine flame and all the mythology that was tied to it.

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