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Now for the next one...hmm. Shooting Star seemed like a good one to try, since she'd just done the Blasting Star. Might as well keep up with the trend. She walked over to the Shooting Star and picked it up, looking it over and taking mental notes on it. The handle wasn't as shiny and smooth as she would have liked. The twigs were all nice and neat, though. That was good.

She got on the broom and kicked off, just in time to see a bludger coming RIGHT at her. She ducked and pushed down on the broom, which dipped immediately. That was good - the reaction time was fast. She then took off, finding it surprisingly agile and also REALLY fast. Much faster than she had expected!

Spotting a cotton ball nearby, she waved her wand and muttered "Colovaria!" as she passed it, watching with a smile as it turned blue. Dodging one last bludger, she landed the broom, handing it off to the next person in line and making more notes.

SPOILER!!: Broom notes

-Very sleek handle - almost too sleek?
-Ease when turning
-Very comfortable seat

-Harder to handle, not so smooth with turning

Blasting Star
-Smooth handling, especially when moving up and down
-Turns well

Shooting Star
-Handle not as sleek as expected
-Twigs all very well taken care of
-VERY FAST, smooth handling
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