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The list of brooms seemed to be getting longer and longer and Caolan listened to his classmates keep rambling on until they came to a stop. He hadnít written anything down yet and glanced around to see whether anyone else had, glad that he didnít seem to be the only one. The Professor moved on to explain what they were going to be doing in class. His eyes glanced over the brooms that were in front of him of all different shapes and sizes. He had only ridden one type of broom before, in fact he had only ridden ONE broom at all and that was the one that he had written about in his assignment. They were released to do their activity and he waited a few seconds for someone else to move before he did, not wanting to look too eager or anything.

The first broom to get his attention was the Oakshaft 79. This time he actually bothered to get his notepad and pen quill out to make notes rather than talk to anyone else. The handle seemed to be made of oak, the first observation he wrote down, and it was pretty crooked too. From first observation it looked like a pretty hefty and chunky broom too, perhaps an indication of its lack of use as a Quidditch broom.

He moved onto the next broom in the list, the Cleansweep 30. It had a bit of a thicker handle too and appeared to be made of a similar type of oak to the other broom he had seen. He made sure to scribble down his notes before he moved on. You see the problem was that Caolan wasnít naturally a flyer, he enjoyed it whilst he was out there but he didnít obsessively follow Quidditch and so his knowledge was a little bit limited. He was going to move along but there was something about the Cleansweep that was begging him to stay. So it was the Cleansweep that he mounted and felt rise up that four foot into the air.



At least it was until a bludger came flying towards him and he had to narrowly avoid it with a quick lean to the left. That was close.

SPOILER!!: ďnotesĒ
Oakshaft 79
- Handle Material: Oak
- Appearance: Chunky and crooked
- Use: Endurance flying

Cleansweep 30

- Handle Material: Spanish Oak
- Appearance: Chunky but more lean than the Oakshaft
- Use: Quidditch?
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