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Comparing and contrasting. Well. Okaaaaaaay. At least they still got to fly the brooms, even though it sounded like they weren't exactly going to be going very far. It was better than nothing, Abra supposed.

The easy part was first; just sort of... looking at the brooms, noting their differences, all that fun stuff. Well. Abra could do that. He even reluctantly got out his parchment and a spell-checking quill, and sat down on the grass so he could use his knee as a makeshift desk. It didn't matter to him how neat his handwriting actually was, as long as he got his thoughts down somewhere, he supposed.

SPOILER!!: notes
Oakshaft 79: Looks difficult to ride, like an actual antique, which I suppose it is. Doesn't really look like it's fit for much more than sweeping the floor, let alone a long flight, but I suppose that's because I'm used to racing and Quidditch brooms being nimble and everything.

Cleansweep 30: More nimble-looking than the Oakshaft by far. Looks like you could really trust it when zooming about playing Quidditch. If I didn't have my own broom, I'd probably give one of these a go while playing Seeker.

Blasting Star: Not my kind of broom. Looks pretty basic but still more adaptable than the Oakshaft. Apparently a good broom for starting out. Looks like it.

Shooting Star 4000: Sleekest looking tail twigs, from what I can see. That kind of thing is good for speed. In fact, the whole broom looks really sleek and agile.

Jollyrocket: Definitely a broom. Looks like it flies well and has been well-maintained so should be a relatively smooth flight. Probably better for recreational flying than the Oakshaft but I think it has that in common with the Cleansweep and the Shooting Star.
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