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The young Auror-in-training actually would've appreciated the E.T. reference right about now. Or even an Invasion of the Body-Snatchers. As for the Legilimency stuff.....ugh. More things that really should not be messed with. Not enough witches and wizards seemed to understand the whole 'magic leaves traces' thing or why it was sometimes better to leave some things alone. Something he lamented every day.

He also noticed the vagueness coming from the department head. And he didn't really like it.

Also, nice boss. Pair him with possibly the dumbest, most clueless person in the department. Who already hated him, by the way. And was wayyy more likely to 'muck it up' than he was. Luckily, Simon offered to accompany him instead. Was Ronan's relief obvious? Because he was relieved. But about the cage.....he still had his doubts that it was really necessary. Still, he wordlessly levitated it behind him, careful not to jostle it too much as he followed Airey to the Thought Chamber.
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