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”Oh. Phew, you’re not firing me.” Was what she had to say immediately. There was a relaxed sort of smile on her face as she realised that, but as she replayed over his words and the paperwork he was holding... it faded into complete confusion.

A promotion? Here? Lack of promotions here was why she had left once upon a time before realising that she liked her job here more than a promotion. But here was one coming out of left field. Eliora didn’t know how to take it. And boy did she look like a fish with her mouth opening and closing like it was.

”Where’s Maddox going?” Where had he gone? Was this why he wasn’t here? Had he been sacked and didn’t want to see her? Was their friendship just over like that? Had his wife thrown her toys out of her pram?

She wasn’t going to cry. She wasn’t going to cry. Just because there were tears in her eyes didn’t mean she was going to cry. But this was a big thing. This was not just a promotion, it was the promotion. She’d made it. To Eliora, just being offered the job was the be all and end all of things. Taking a wibbly wobbly deep breath, she sat up a little straighter and leaped across to hug the man in front of her. ”Of course!!!” Maddox who?

Sorry inkwell. Sorry paperwork.
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