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Carter agreed with his line of thought, no matter the level the snarkiness that appeared in his tone. Simon took it to mean that like Alexa, he wasn’t much interested in the case now that it wasn’t sounding to be involving dangerous criminals or espionage. Ah the thoughts of grandeur aurors liked to live by. He himself would be remaining on the case for it was affecting the safety and thus in ways security of the building.

And then the department head didn’t deny the possibility that the situations weren’t connected which only made Simon feel it was important to take care of. As for escorting, the security head resumed a position near the encaged man, debating if the cage was a little much when there were other ways to ensure Geruff came with. However, Alexa stepped in an order Carter to take the job which came out as an order from the head auror to her trainee which put Simon in an awkward position since he and Alexa were technically equals despite him having seniority in the department through time.

“I would prefer the spot” he confirmed, taking his own charge of the situation and letting Ryder return to what he had been interrupted from when they were speaking earlier. Carter could still handle the manual work as they moved while Simon served as back-up and babysitter. The second patronus put an urgency to the case and with a look to the younger man, he moved to follow Airey along with the YATI and unspeakable.
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