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O......kay. No Maddox here to fight her corner. Eliora was glad to have her coffee to keep herself sane and be able to hide the increasing feeling of panic that she was having.


News was never good in her life. News was always someone walking away, being dumped, not wanting a second date, a coffee machine breaking down, her favourite coffee shop closing. Her experiences with news had never ever been positive. News. Was. Bad.

Taking a seat (as she considered it an instruction more than a comfort request), Eliora held her coffee cup in both hands. "Before anything, I just.. want you to know that I need this job. I'm a single parent and I have two kids at home. I need this job. I love my job, even though I complain to Maddox a lot and sometimes take an extra five minutes" more like an hour.. "on my lunch if I need a power nap or another sandwich. I'm good-- no, I'm great at my job."
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