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He spoke too soon. She could have gotten far.

Quite put off by the distance he'd had to travel to recover his employee, Maddox padded into the room before plopping down on his hind legs and looking over at the bloke already here. Did he work here or was this some sort of gathering he'd unintentionally invited himself to? Let it be the first. If that one really worked here, he could fix Megan, she could head over to the healers for a check, everything could go back to normal.

For a moment, Maddox curiously watched the pair. The young woman was talking to the glass. That wasn't weird at aaallll. Noooo.

Finally, he stretched back into the form of a man, expecting the arrival of others shortly. Surely one of them would be able to make sense of this. Did he need to send that patronus to Airey afterall? If anyone would know how to fix this, it would be him. With a flick of his wand, a silver blue fox shot from his wand and out the door in search of the department head. It was short and to the point. Something was happening in the thought chamber and he needed to be here NOW.
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