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She wasn't quite sure what to be expecting here, but it wasn't for her to be scared witless by the Minister. "Sweet caffeine! SIR. You scared me!" Note the sweet caffeine, and not spilled caffeine, because she had kept that in her hand and not a drop had gone elsewhere. Eliora took a sip in hope of calming herself after that spook.

"It's Eliora, Sir. No 'n'." Luckily, she was able to move the conversation on to these raisin things he was going on about and tried her hardest not to look disgusted. "They'll.. not sit right on the amount of coffee I've had today. Maybe another time." And speaking of that beverage.. she was drinking from it again so that she didn't have to talk. No, no thank you.

Maddy was joining them?

Oh, this really meant trouble.

"Whatever I did, I don't think we need Maddox here to discuss it." Maddy being disappointed in her was the worst of all the options here. The absolute worst.

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