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As the Head Boy spoke, Torii raised her eyebrows. So Derf knew this little guy? Hmm...well, okay then! Torii was just glad the little creature had a home. Now she didn't have to figure where to put it when she was done holding it! "Hey, Derf," she said, and she held out the creature for Derf to collect.

"I'm just glad somebody knows what to do with it," she said. "By the way, it?" Just as it landed in Derf's cupped hands, a little noise sounded from down the hallway, and then the creature was gone. Just like that. POOF!

"Uhh, okay," she said, looking in the direction she thought it had gone. As a fourth year, she thought she at least knew of every creature, but this one was new to her. Speaking of which, she turned back to Derf, anxious to hear his reply.
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