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Text Cut: Jacob and Royland
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Ah, they were doing a sweep? Royland...didn't really know what that was. It also didn't answer his most pressing question - was he in danger or not? He wasn't supposed to alert anyone? So...ok. He was just gonna...sit here and mind his own business and keep doing his work, he supposed.

Law Enforcement folks really were as dramatic as everyone said they were.

Looking up as he finished watching the Law Enforcement people, he spotted the arrival of two new workers. He grinned and nodded at them. "Yes, I have you here on the schedule. I'll let them know you're here!" he informed them.

Waving his wand, a tiny piece of parchment scribbled a message stating their arrival, and then folded off into the shape of an owl. He waved his wand again and the memo was off into the Minister's office.

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SPOILER!!: West + Royland

Jacob still had his mind on the report he had to give to Milo in a few hours and the horrible morning when West as met him halfway. Breathing in and exhaling out a few times he tried to push the thoughts of the Gobstones team contract mess out of his head. Smiling weakly in response to West he replied ”Yes, I managed to fix things in the end, but I tell you for a moment there i thought they’d start throwing fists or worse hexes at me and each other, but luckily the team managers could be persuaded to see reason over the player contract.”

At West’s comment about the risk of running into the new minister on his own Jacob grinned and chuckled lightly as they started to walk towards the reception desk. "I'm sure Mr Hollingberry isn’t so bad. I mean he didn’t seem as weird that Nichols guy that we had before him at the orientation event when the ministry opened months ago now, right?" But then again appearances and words could be decieving…When they stopped in front of the receptionist Jacob let West do all the talking. He knew the other guy was better at charming them past the receptionist.

"Splendid!" He replied to the receptionist as his eyes followed the memo zooming off towards its destination. West turned back to Jacob, "Sounds like you had quite the mess on your hands. Bully for you for taking care of it so smoothly." Team managers could be an interesting bunch to deal with.

"I'm sure you are right about Mr. Hollingberry. I just have such a sour taste in my mouth from our former fearless leader that it's hard to want to look for the good." And this new guy better be good, not that he could really do anything about it if he wasn't.

Before he could continue the conversation, Mr. Hollingberry was headed towards them.

Text Cut: Minister
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Charles appreciated the little paper owls that Royland tended to send. It was a nice change of pace from the purple paper airplanes and occasional patronus that would prance around his office. Plus, when he was done with the memo, he could bring them to his grandchildren as a present!

Stepping out of his office and walking through January's, the Minister for Magic emerged in the lobby area to greet their visitors from Games & Sports. He recalled Victoria mentioning something or another about having an important matter to discuss with his office...but he was drawing a bit of a blank at the moment as to the specifics. There were many memos and files on his desk and recently he had not been as organized as he would have liked. Perhaps he should look into hiring himself a personal assistant.

"Good day, gentlemen," he greeted boisterously with open arms. "Do what do we owe the pleasure of your visit?" And he rewarded Royland with a small packet of yogurt covered raisins from his own office, which he tossed lightly in the young man's direction.

"Good day to you as well." West took a slight step back, momentarily wondering if the man was going to hug him, then relaxed when he saw the small packet fly towards Royland. "My colleague, Jacob, and I are here to discuss the safety of our food court and how healthy the food and drink options are." He looked at Jacob, wondering if he was forgetting anything important thus far.
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