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Septimus Hadley-Nairne
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Simon Spencer Bennett
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Cassandra McNally

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Gideon Gert
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Now to switch to dealing with his stick. Placing it in his non-wand hand, Septimus took out his wand and tried to eye where he needed to cut it. Once he was satisfied with what he figured was the right move, he cast “Diffindo,” taking aim at the point on the stick to cut. Thankfully it proved to be flat enough to work. Then came the sticking charm, the spell cast at the point the newly flatted end of the stick touched the flat, white rock that was his sundial base. A little careful wiggle of the stick proved that it had worked.


Then came the ten-minute warning and Septimus realized he still had two steps. Thankfully those steps were mostly decorative and weren’t going to take much effort. First came the S. Hadley-Nairne that he wrote along the side of the rock so it was visible as it sat but wasn’t going to mess with the numbers that would be added to the top later. Then came the random scrollwork design that he made around the rest of the edge.

And then time was up. Septimus grabbed his bag to sling it over his shoulder before gingerly scooping up his sundial to take it upstairs as directed. “Thanks for the class, professor,” the fourth year said as he headed past him to leave the lake.
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