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Liquorice Wand
age 11, October 2067

“Wingardium Leviosa!” With the utmost determination written on his face, Jake swished and flicked his wand. Nothing happened. His feather didn’t move.

Determination quickly gave way to frustration. This was hopeless. Jake knew he was bad at magic - he just couldn’t seem to make it happen, no matter how hard he tried - but this was ridiculous. All around him, the other first years were making their feathers hover confidently in the air; he felt like the only one who’d not managed it yet.

Jake’s stomach rumbled. It didn’t help that he was starving hungry, and that someone in this room had sweets that he could smell. He wanted to be eating sweets, not trying to cast some spell that just didn’t want to work.

Maybe… maybe one more go. Jake raised his wand, swished, flicked. “Wingardium Leviosa!”


Scowling, he smacked his wand against the edge of his desk in a fit of temper. To his alarm, it immediately snapped in half.

What?! But he hadn’t even hit it that hard! He… he… hold on…

Jake raised it to his nose, sniffed at it, then nibbled a bit off of the broken half he held.

It was a liquorice wand.
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