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Making things always relaxed Vita. It probably had something to do with keeping her hands busy and her mind occupied. She took in all of the directions, noting the steps in her notebook before getting started. First up, the painting. She liked the idea of having a blank canvas to write on later, so the white paint was a welcome idea.

She didn't rush as she brushed the flat rock with paint, making sure to cover all of it with an even coat. Even if this was just a rough version of a sundial, she wanted hers to look nice. She wasted no time drying it when she was satisfied, setting the rock to the side so she could return the paintbrush and refresh herself on the next step.

The sixth year ran her hand palm down over the ground, finding the best spot to lay her rock flat. It took a few minutes, but she located a spot that would work for her and did just that. As for her stick, well it wasn't exactly straight, and she knew it was going to be a challenge to get the cut the way she wanted it to be. She considered both ends for a few minutes, noting the best angle to cut the stick at to get it flat, and decided on the right end. "Diffindo."

Finding the middle of her rock also took her a few minutes because Vita wanted to be precise as possible. She used her notebook edge to do measuring by sight, setting the stick in the spot she thought was the exact center. "Adhaero." There.

Her name went on the bottom of the rock, going over it several times so it was bold and easily spotted. The decorations were kept simple, the snake simply drawing some ivy around the edges of her rock, leaving room to add whatever they needed to later. She was happy with the finished product when she finally set her quill down.

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