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Tina couldn't wait to get started on her sundial! She listened carefully to Professor Kennedy, making a quick mental note of the directions, then got up to get a brush and some paint. Hmm... white wasn't the color she would've chosen, but she guessed there must be a reason behind the color choice. Besides, she could decorate it the way she wanted later. She dipped her brush in the paint and proceeded to cover her rock with smooth, meticulous brush strokes. The more she painted, the more relaxed she felt; it was as if all her worries disappeared under the layers of white paint. This was why painting was her favorite hobby!

Tina lowered her paintbrush and gave the rock a quick glance over to make sure she had an even coat of paint. Satisfied with her work, she performed a hot air charm on the newly painted rock to make it dry faster, as well as a cleaning charm on her brush. As soon as the rock was dry, she picked it up and found a flat place to set it near her seat (and her materials). She gently set it down and gave it a little jiggle to make sure it was perfectly level. Looks good...

Then Tina picked up her stick and aimed her wand at one end. "Diffindo," she said clearly and firmly. making a quick, precise cut at the tip of the stick. Now she just had to attach the stick to the rock, and then she could move on to the fun part! It took a bit of manoeuvring to keep the stick upright long enough to attach it. Tina had to hold the stick in place with her left hand while using her right to point her wand at the space where the rock and stick made contact.
"Adhaero." Did it work? Tina cautiously removed her hand and smiled a little when the stick remained upright. Just to be absolutely sure her sticking charm was strong enough, she tried to wiggle the stick; it wouldn't budge. Good!

Tina had already envisioned a design for her sundial, and she was excited to finally get to put her plan into action. "Figura circle," she said, pointing her wand toward the middle of her rock while taking extrq care to avoid the stick. A circle appeared taking up about a third the space of the rock, and a quick "Colorvaria" made the circle fill with yellow. Tina gathered all the pebbles, leaves, and grass she'd picked up in her search for materials and cast a color charm on each piece, turning them varying shades of yellow and orange. She positioned the leaves and grass along the outline of her circle, alternating yellow and orange, leaf and grass, to form her sun's rays. When she was satisfied with the placement, she glued the pieces in place with a series of sticking charms, being extra careful to leave enough space near the edges of her rock to mark the hours when the time came. She used the pebbles to form a swirl pattern in the middle of her circle, starting at the stick and working outward, and stuck them in place with charms. Another color charm turned the stick orange, and she was done... except for one thing. Tina reached into her bag and pulled out a quill and ink, which she used to write the letters of her name on the pebbles that formed the outermost layer of the swirl. There, now it was perfect!
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