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Once Jackson was satisfied with the stick, he lay it out to make sure he was sticking it to the right spot. He made a little mark when he was satisfied, and picked up his wand. “Adhaero,” he cast at it. To his quiet excitement, it stuck on the first try. He lay it back on a flat surface and looked at it, making sure everything seemed to be well placed and… working? He refrained from adding hours or notches on his sundial, as much as he wanted to. He wrote his name along the side on underneath, but definitely wanted to make it stand out some other way. They were told they could decorate it however, right? Jackson considered the blank canvas in front of him and got started. He got his wand back at the ready and charmed it to be a sky blue color and boom. Done. It wasn’t bad really! He looked around the room at everyone else’s progress. Uhh… did it look bad if he was one of the first done?
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