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Torii examined her rock. It looked pretty all painted in it nice, new color. That was beside the fact, though. Apparently, they only had about ten more minutes, so she had to hurry! She looked around for a flat surface, and upon finding one, she carefully placed her rock there. She knelt down and got eye level to it, making sure it was fairly level on the surface.

...and it was!

Torii took the stick she'd collected and pointed her wand toward it. "Diffindo!" she said, giving it a nice, clean cut to make the end flat. She paused for a moment and took a deep breath. She had to have about five minutes left by now, so every little second counted. Not too many more steps now! Torii placed the stick upright in the middle of her rock then pointed her wand toward it again. "Adhaero!" she exclaimed.
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