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Default Patrick, Dopple, and the Mutant
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Originally Posted by siriusblackliveson View Post
Patrick came skirting around the corner of the corridor noticing the oldest professor ever, yet she was singing some oldie the states played on the radio. Wow he was not ready for that. “Hi Professor Dopple. Hey Torii.” He looked at the cute little fuzzy he had heard about during the feast.

He reached out to give it a pet but stopped short, “Care if I pet it?” He lifted his eyebrows to Torii. He wondered if the should get Professor Wayland or just let it go and figure out where the cute little thing came from. This little thing was like a cute puppy or kitten just a bunch of fuzz that looked good enough to cuddle with. He was very confused as to why he thought it was so adorable.
Originally Posted by Dolly Dopple View Post
Was she alright? Why, of course she was alri- crack.

Oh, that's right. She couldn't stand up. Oh well. It was all worth it to pet this sweet creature.

"Oh no, no, dear I'm just fine. My back is fine! Just a little rusty after all these years." She'd probably be able to stand up in an hour or two. Not to worry! As for the unidentified creature, Dolly was still admiring the little fuzzy thing when the girl asked if they should tell someone about it? "I don't see why we should. Isn't there always something unidentified wandering around these halls?" It really wasn't a surprise, was it? Perhaps she was new.

She sure was asking a lot of questions, wasn't she? "No, perhaps you should talk less - you might scare it away." At least the little thing had a functioning back and could run away. Ha!

Then another curious student arrived and Dolly was still hunched over. It was a position she found herself in often these days. It was just a part of being old. "Hello, dear. Isn't he cute?" Did her hair look bad in this 90 degree angle?
Originally Posted by MUTANT! View Post
At the moment, there was no place he'd rather be than here soaking up this attention and affection. His luck only kept getting better as another showed up but the creature grew confused when he stopped just short of petting him like the girl was.

Did he not think he was cute? Did he need encouragement? Whichever the case, the creature righted itself from it's previous rubbing against the girl's fingers to look up at him. With something that resembled a smile and a noise similar to that of a giggle, he tried to coax the boy into giving him affection.

The mutant had so much love to give.

Did Dolly want some too?

Well, this was...odd. And that was saying the very least she could about this situation. A thing of some sorts was now sitting in her hand enjoying a nice pet, and nobody, not even a professor, knew what it was. "Hey, Patrick," Torii said, halfway looking up from the creature. He wanted to pet the creature, too? "Sure," she said, holding it out toward him. "It's...not even mine. I don't...even know what it is."

Torii winced when she heard a cracking sound. Had Patrick heard it, too? At least somebody else was around now. If Dopple fell out or something, at least Torii wouldn't be alone. "Well, okay...but just us know if you need any help," she told the professor. She honestly didn't think she could stomach anymore cracks, though.

Torii pet the creature again. What was she supposed to do with it? Leave it here? Drop it off in the gardens? Did it need help getting to a habitat? "What do you think I ought to do with it?" she asked Patrick.
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